I select or invent processes and materials to fit each concept from multimedia installations to sculptures and original etchings. Intrigue and curiosity call visitors to explore new environments, traces, and collections. Some installations may recall displays in science or anthropology museums. Process-based pieces include series of sculptures created by the movements of everyday life including an ongoing series of worn minimalist shoes (221 pairs since 1991). I obsessively accumulate and transform conceptually interesting, useless but precious objects.

Many of my works indirectly comment on global contemporary society including wastefulness, environmental negligence, digital invasion, pharmaceutical foods, or lack of observation. Addictions, collections, or obsessive attachments to useless things such as food residues, single socks, empty pickle jars, junk food, weeds, plastic bags, or junk mail fascinate me. In recent projects with weed roots, potato peels, dryer lint, and single socks, I collect useless objects from my Facebook friends referring to changes in priorities in contemporary society. Collaborations and interactions with others are an essential part of the process. In recent interactive projects, I bring visitors to socialize around food and handmade objects. I am interested in social and experimental forms of art, in art that blends with life and makes people think.

My art is a series of experiments, chance discoveries, and reflections on everyday life. For me, if people remember what they see, it is art.


Viviane Le Courtois creates process-based, conceptual, and participatory art since 1989. Her installations, performances, sculptures, videos, and prints often intrigue visitors by connecting art to everyday life. Her works often comment on social and environmental issues. She has traveled in over 41 countries using 221 pairs of shoes as a sculptural performance. In 2004, she invented a non-toxic etching process using Kombucha. 

Viviane Le Courtois was born in France in 1969. She moved to the US in 1994 and currently lives in Denver, Colorado. She received a Diplôme National Supérieur d'Expression Plastique from the Ecole Pilote Internationale d'art et de Recherches in Nice, France in 1992 and an MA in Art History from the University of Denver in 2000. She was awarded a Korea Foundation fellowship in 1993 and the Westword's Mastermind Award in Visual Arts in 2009. She has exhibited in the US, France, and Ireland including at the Passerelle Art Center in France and at the Regional Cultural Art Center in Donegal. Her works have been presented nationally at Mobius in Boston, The Williamsburg Art Center in New York, 601 Tully in Syracuse, Ohio State University, Neo Rio in New Mexico, and Speedwell Projects in Maine. She has shown works at many venues in Colorado, including Rocky Mountain School of Art + Design, Regis University, RedLine, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, the Denver Botanical Gardens, and the Center for Visual Arts (Metropolitan State University). In 2012, she presented her first solo museum exhibition: Edible?, 22 Years of Working with Food, at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. She has since created site-specific interactive projects for the city of Boulder, the Biennale of the Americas, the Denver Art Museum, and Neo Rio. She was an artist in residence at RedLine from 2008 to 2011, at Sustainability Park from 2011 to 2014, and at the Denver Art Museum in 2016. She was awarded the Octopus Initiative grant in 2018 to create a series of etchings for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. She created a permanent installation at Meow Wolf Denver for their opening in 2021. 

Viviane Le Courtois is also a curator, a teacher, and a world traveler. Since 2001, she is a Program Manager at DAVA (Downtown Aurora Visual Arts), a nonprofit community art center. She has taught at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, the University of Colorado in Denver, and the Community College of Aurora. She is the co-founder and conceptual director of Processus, the Institute for Art and Life, a studio space and art business. Processus opened in 2015 in collaboration with Christopher R. Perez. 

Viviane Le Courtois                

Born in France in 1969. Lives and works in USA since 1994


1990-1992       Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique, (MFA equivalent), Ecole Pilote Internationale d’Art et de Recherches/ Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art, Villa Arson, Nice, France

1987-1990       Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques with Jury Honors, (BFA equivalent), École des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, France

1995                Ceramics, Molds and Multiples, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

1997-2000       Master in Art History, (Contemporary Art/Asian Art), University of Denver, CO, USA



2018                The Octopus Initiative, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO

2016                Creative in Residence, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO

2011- 2014      Resident Artist at Sustainability Park, Denver CO

2012                Museum Art Educator of the Year, Colorado Art Education Association, CO

2008- 2011      RedLine Artist Residency, Denver CO

2009                Mastermind Award in Visual Arts, Westword, CO

1998-1999      Temple Hoyne Buell Fellowship, Denver, CO

1997-1999      Dean’s Scholarship, Department of Art and Art History, University of Denver, CO

1996               Visual Art Fellowship, Somerville Arts Council, MA

1993                Korea Foundation Artist Fellowship, Seoul, South Korea

1991                Erasmus Scholarship for study at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland

1987-1992       Scholarships from the Ministère de la Culture, France


SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (*solo exhibitions)

2024                528.o Regional Juried Printmaking ExhibitionArvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO (Opening January 18th)

2023                As Performed, curated by Rian Kerrane, Experience Gallery, University of Colorado, Denver CO.  

2022                Cultivate, curated by Cecily Cullen, Center for Visual Arts, Metropolitan State University, Denver CO.  

2021                Meow Wolf Denver, permanent installation, Denver CO

2020                Platform Project/Walk, curated by Julie Poitras Santos, Speedwell Projects, Portland ME 

2020                The Antidote Library, Outdoor temporary installation, Commissioned by Modern in Denver for Denver Design Week, CO

2020                Scratched and Corroded, Processus, Denver CO

2019                Altar(er) Hex, curated by Hexus Collective, @The Temple, Denver CO

2019                Iron Tribe, Burris Hall Art Gallery, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM

2018                Pre-Text, Juice Box, Denver, CO  

2018               Trading Culture, Site specific interactive event, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Boulder, CO

2018               The Pirate Alumni Show, Pirate Contemporary Art, Lakewood, CO. Curated by Charles Livingstone. 

2018               Pink Progression, Denver Public Library, Boulder Public Library, and Center for Visual Arts (May) CO. Curated by Anna Kaye, Artist  

2018                Hand Pulled - Open Press, Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center, Parker, CO.

2018                Open Press group exhibition, Denver, CO.

2018                RedLine 10 X, RedLine Denver, CO. Curated by Cortney Lane Stell, Black Cube Executive Director and Curator

2017                Dirt Soup, site specific installation for Axis-Mundi, @The Land Library, in conjunction with the Biennale of the Americas. Curated by Regan Rosburg, Denver CO

2017                Moveable Feast in collaboration with Christopher R. Perez and RedLine, in Five Points, Denver. Commission/ socially engaged art project founded by The Denver Foundation

2016                Reconciliations, Sculptures for Humans and Pollinators, Site specific project created for Neo Rio, Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, New Mexico. Curated by Claire Coté, LEAP 

2016                Sand + Iron, Curtis Art and Humanities Center, Greenwood Village, CO

2016                Seeds, Dairy Art Center, Boulder, CO. Curated By Lee Lee

2016                Raw, Cooked, Fermented: Works by Viviane Le Courtois. Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver CO *

2016                Global thinking Pod, participatory installation/ artist residency, Denver Art Museum, Denver CO *

2016                The Etching Show, Open Press, Denver, CO. Curated by Mark Lunning, Master Printer.  

2016                Hybrid. Regional Cultural Center, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland.  US Irish exchange exhibition, curated by Rian Kerrane (Part 2)

2015                Fired, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO

2014                Biotic, Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio State University (Mansfield), OH. Curated by Jennifer Gard and Alana Yon (Ohio State University)

2014                Open Press, 25 years of Printmaking, McNichols Civic Center Building, Denver, CO. Curated by Mark Lunning, Master Printer.

2013                Rescued Memories, a temporary public art project commissioned by the City of Boulder + the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The Flood Project: Rising Above and Restoring Boulder through Art.

2013                Nourish, An Exploration of Consumption, 601 Tully, Syracuse, NY. Curated by Jillian Nakornthap (Curator, 601 Tully, Syracuse University)

2013                Music for Animals, Biennial of the Americas, Civic Center Park, Denver, CO. Curated by Chris Kallmyer (Machine Project, LA; and Adam Lerner, Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver).

2013                Launch Pad. Mission 2: The Land, Sunshine Canyon, CO. Curated by Petra Sertic and Alvin P. Gregorio.

2013                CSArt, Denver Botanical Garden and Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CO (Commission and events)

2013                Iron Tribe, Burris Hall Art Gallery, New Mexico Highlands University, Las  Vegas, NM. Curated by David Lobdell, Associate Professor of Art, New Mexico Highlands University

2012                Occupying Potato, Islip Art Museum, Long Island, NY

2012                Hybrid. US-Irish exchange exhibition (part 1), RedLine, Denver, CO. Curated by Rian Kerrane

2012                Edible? 22 years of working with food, including the new interactive installation The Garden of Earthy Delights. Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO*. Curated by Petra Sertic.

2011                Au: Exchange, RedLine, Denver, CO. Curated by Cortney Stell, Gallery Director, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. 

2011                Potato Revolution, Williamsburg Art Center, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Jeffrey Allen Price. 

2011                Design for the Other 90%, RedLine, Denver, CO. Curated by John Grant in conjunction with the Smithsonian National Design Museum Exhibition.

2011                USA Pro Cycling Challenge Bicycle Art Project, Denver International Airport, CO. Curated by Ivar Zeile, Director, Plus Gallery, Denver, CO. Commission.

2011                Do It, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Lakewood, CO. Curated by Cortney Stell, Gallery Director, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design 

2011                Thought Objects, RedLine, Denver, CO. Curated by Mark Sink, founder, Month of Photography, Colorado

2011                Iron Tribe, Burris Hall Art Gallery, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM. Curated by David Lobdell, Associate Professor of Art, New Mexico Highlands University

2011                Just Paper, Art Student League of Denver, CO. Curated By Mark Lunning, Master Printer, Open Press and Emilio Lobato, Artist

2010                How to Eat an Artichoke?, RedLine, Denver CO. Curated by Elissa Auther, Independent Curator

2010                Chaussures, (126 pairs), Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas, Denver, CO. Curated by Adam Lerner and Paul Andersen

2010                National Iron, Missoula Art Museum, Missoula, MT. Juried by Stephen Glueckert, Curator, Missoula Art Museum

2009                DenMi, Denver Artists in Miami sponsored by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, Art Basel, Miami, FL. Curated by John McEnroe

2009                Procrastinations #1- RedLine, Denver, CO

2009                Crossed Existence: 40 Years of (un) Related Memories; a collaborative installation with Andrew Novick and Sabin Aell. Hinterland, Denver, CO

2008                Trickle Down, Object and Thought, Denver, CO (3 person show). Curated by Paco Proano and Brittany Schall

2008                Process/Vision/Print, O’Sullivan Art Gallery, Regis University, Denver, CO. (4 person show). Curated by Eugene Stewart-Huidobro, Associate Professor of Fine Art, Regis University

2008                Sculpture/Figure, Emmanuel Gallery, University of Colorado-Denver, CO. Curated by Shannon Corrigan, Emmanuel Gallery

2008                Alumni Exhibition, Victoria H Myhren Gallery, University of Denver, Denver, CO. Juried by Lisa Tamaris Becker, Gallery Director, University of Colorado, Boulder

2007                Chaussures, (103 pairs) installation at Philip J. Steele Gallery, Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design, Lakewood, CO*

2006                Derniers Soupirs, installation at Ironton Gallery, Denver, CO*

2005                Contaminations, installation at Studio Aiello, Denver CO*

2004                digital.movement.04. Weilworks Gallery, Denver, CO. Curated by Tracey Weil, Director, Weilworks Gallery

2004                Open Press, Gallery of Contemporary Art/ University Of Colorado/ Colorado Springs, CO. Curated by Mark Lunning, Master Printer, Open Press

2004                Fiberish, Fiber Arts Invitational, Studio Aiello, Denver, CO. Curated by Monica Aiello, Gallery Director, Studio Aiello

2003                Junk Mail, Installation at Studio Aiello, Denver, CO*

2003                Pickles, installation at Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis, Denver, CO*

2002                Fossilizations, Installations at Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis, Denver, CO*

2001                Residues, Installations at Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis, Denver, CO*

2000                The Mushroom Lab, Installation at Edge Gallery, Denver CO*

2000                Sculpted by Everyday Life, Installations at Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis, Denver CO*

1997                Ephemeral Rituals, Ink drawings and Photographs at Somerville Public Library, Somerville MA*

1997                Kombucha World: Graphic Prayers for the Beginning of Creation, Installation at Mobius, Boston, MA*

1996                Errances Insolites ou lEternel Retour de Voyage, Installations at Passerelle Art Center, Brest, France (3 person show). Curated by Bruno Chevillotte, Passerelle Art Center

1992                Les mystères de lauberge espagnole, Villa Arson, Nice, France

1992                Pull!, Galerie Art Concept, Nice, France

1992                DNSEP (MFA) Exhibition, Installations at Villa Arson, Nice, France*



Cultivate artist panel, Center for Visual Arts, Metropolitan State University, Denver CO, October 2022  

Cleveland Art Institute, guest artist lecture, April 2022 

Platform Project/Walk, Speedwell Projects Live (on zoom), September 2020

Brunch Artist, Talk with your Mouth Full, Black Cube, Englewood, CO, February 2020

Tattle Talks with Urban Forager Kate Armstrong, Platte Forum, 2018

Axis Mundi, Platte Forum, CO, 2017

Make/Shift Mondays, RedLine Denver, 2017

Neo Rio, Cerro, New Mexico, 2016

University of Colorado Denver, CO, 2016

Denver Botanical Gardens, Denver, 2016

Seminar on Creative Placemaking, University of Denver, 2015

American Public Garden Association Conference, Denver CO, 2014

Colorado Photographic Art Center, Denver, CO 2014

601 Tully, Syracuse, NY, 2013

University of Colorado Denver, CO, 2013

Pecha Kucha Denver, CO, 2012

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CO, 2012

Red Rocks Community College, CO, 2011

RedLine, Denver, CO 2011

Art Student League of Denver, CO 2011

Red Rocks Community College, CO, 2010

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, 2010

University of Colorado, Denver, CO, 2009

University of Denver, CO, 2009

Regis University, Denver, CO, 2008

University of Colorado, Denver, CO, 2007

Denver School of the Arts, Denver, CO, 2006

Ironton Gallery, Denver, CO, 2006

Self Made, Denver, CO, 2005

Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, Aurora, CO, 2005

Alliance for Contemporary Art, Grant St. Studios, Denver, CO, 2004

Colorado State University studio tour and lecture, Grant St. Studios, Denver CO, 2004

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO, 2002

Metropolitan State College of Denver, Contemporary Art. Denver CO, 1999

Mobius, Boston, MA, 1997

Somerville Public Library, Somerville MA, 1997

Passerelle Art Center, Brest, France, 1996



Octopus Innitiative, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (Library), CO, 2018

CSArt Colorado, 2013

University of Denver Library Special Book Collection, Denver (CO)

Denver Print Collector’s Club, Open Press, Denver, (CO)

Private collections in the US, France and Australia



Rescued Memories, book, blurb,com, 2014

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Juror, Cherry Arts Festival at Stanley, Colorado, 2016

Juror, student exhibition, University of Denver, Colorado, 2016

Juror, 528.0 Denver: A Regional Juried Printmaking Exhibition, The Invisible Museum, 2012

Juror, RedLine artist in residence selection committee, 2011

Public Art Selection Panel, City of Denver, Colorado, 2009-2010

Juror, Tiny Iron, Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, for the Western Iron Casting Conference, 2008

Juror, Metro Now, Student exhibition, Emmanuel Gallery, Metropolitan State College of Denver, 2008

Active member of RINO Art district, Denver, 2005-2020. www.rivernorthart.com

Public Art Selection Panels, City of Aurora, Colorado, 2004-2005



From 1987 to 2023, traveled in France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Senegal, Gambia, Turkey, Russia, Mongolia, China, Nepal, Tibet, India, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and USA (31 States)



Fluent in French and English, intermediate level of Spanish.



2D Design, Art Appreciation, Community College of Aurora, 2020-2021, Adjunct Faculty

Ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, fiber arts, interdisciplinary projects, Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA), Aurora CO. 2001- present. Program Manager 

Sculpture, Ceramics and Printmaking, Processus, Denver, CO, 2014- present, Private Instruction

Installation Art, University of Colorado at Denver, Fall 2016. Visiting Artist

Sculpture and Printmaking, Art Student League of Denver, 2016- 2017. Instructor

3D Design/ Sculpture, University of Colorado at Denver, 2009 - 2013, Lecturer

Art and Social Practice, University of Colorado Boulder, 2012, Guest Critic

Sculpture, University of Colorado at Denver - Fall 2007, Visiting Artist/ Substitute Professor

Iron Casting, Iron pours and preparation workshops with University of Colorado, Denver at Ironton Studios; Global Artists Symposium, Vail, CO; Western Cast Iron Conference, Denver, CO; Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO; Iron Tribe, New Mexico Highlands University, NM; and other locations regionally. 2006-2016, Guest Artist

Art Appreciation, Metropolitan State College of Denver, 2000- 2001, Adjunct Faculty

French, Alliance Française, Denver, 1998-2001, Instructor

Ceramics, Villa Arson, Nice, France, 1991-1992, Teaching Assistant



Co-Founder and Curator, Processus, Denver, 2014-present

Gallery Manager, Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA), Aurora, CO, 2001-present.

Curator, Artists' Footprints, RedLine Denver, in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas, Denver, CO, 2010

Chair, Exhibition Committee, RedLine Denver, 2009-2011

Exhibition Coordinator, 2nd degree of Separation, RedLine Denver, 2010

Exhibition Coordinator, Denver/ Miami Cultural Exchange, DenMi, 2009

Exhibition Co-Coordinator, Spatial Investigations, RedLine Denver 2008

Volunteer/Staff, PR and Education, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, 1998-1999

Curatorial Intern, Denver Art Museum, Asian Art, 1998-1999

Staff, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1996

Curatorial intern, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 1996-1997

Intern, Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston, 1997



Exhibition Catalogs:

Edible? 22 years of working with Food, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO, 2012

Do it, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Lakewood, CO, 2011

Carnets de Voyages, Passerelle Art Center, Brest, France, 1996


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Upcoming events in 2024:

January 18th, 6- 9 pm: Opening reception for 528.o Regional Juried Printmaking ExhibitionArvada Center for the Arts & Humanities

March 24th: 10- 4 pm: Open Studio day at Processus and print sale in conjunction with Mo' Print. More info soon. 

December 11th: Lecture at the Denver Botanic Gardens


Ongoing display: 

25 of my etchings have been part of the Octopus Initiative Collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver since 2018. Some are on display on rotation in the MCA Library.  
View and like one of my prints in the Octopus Initiative here and you will be entered in a lottery to borrow one of my etchings from the MCA. Prints are available for sale out of my studio!

Contact me at vivianelecourtois@gmail.com for details. 

Read more about the project, my art, and life on the MCA blog



Parasites and Epiphytes

“Parasites and Epiphytes” refers to certain species of flora, fauna and fungi spreading rapidly across the world, affecting other species positively or negatively. This project was conceived one year before the COVID global pandemic from my ongoing interest in bacteria, fungi and invasive species. The idea has become more relevant since then, as we can compare the fate and fragility of frogs to our own. The stalactites, rocks, vegetation and hanging mosses create a context for these imaginary white frogs in this cavernous environment. It takes some time to observe the details of the handmade porcelain sculptures and crocheted wool, and to discover the tiny fungi growing on the frogs. Hanging moss, lichens, fungus or other natural formations cover the surfaces to refer to the overwhelming growth and sensation of humidity of such a space. In this crowded environment, parasites and epiphytes proliferate and transform it, covering every texture. The space is made out of white organic elements, like if scientists had taken a piece of this swampy environment in a lab to sterilize it and study it. This piece refers to the uncontrollable Chytrid fungus that is destroying populations of frogs all over the world, to environmental issues that are affecting all living things, to abnormal growth, and the rapid spread of diseases with globalism. Visitors can explore a world within a world, a timeless organic environment, while thinking about the ephemerality of all living things. 

Permanent installation at Meow Wolf Denver, 2021. Porcelain and wool.